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An idea born out of desperation for information. Since 2008 Plumbers.co.nz have been supporting the Plumbing and Gas Fitting industry. Providing a hub for anyone around everything that has to do with Plumbing and Gas fitting. Helping the public and supporting the trade by providing a reliable source of information, a platform to connect with plumbers and gasfitters. R.S


Online Directories. They are everywhere. Dime a dozen. Every directory we've found so far claims to be "all things to all people"... a confusing mish-mash of all trades, services, retail, travel and everything else in one basket. With all these directories listing thousands of industries and businesses, how will you stand out from the crowd?
Plumbers.co.nz is different, and it's not hard to tell why! Plumbers. Gasfitters. Drain layers. That's what we do. We are the industry specialists. We've included Roofers, Central Heating and Solar in our listings as these trades are associated and often within the plumbing companies. The people behind the website are plumbers, so the site is not just a directory, but a place for plumbers to discuss industry issues in our forum, to interact with plumbing suppliers, and of course, most importantly, to present themselves to customers looking for a plumber in their local area.

For customers searching for a plumber, we recognised that you just want it to be quick, simple, and free from clutter. If you're looking for a drain layer you don't want the website to present six other companies in your list who don't provide drain laying services. We've seen to it that this won't happen. Your search results will be meaningful, saving you time and avoiding frustration.
We don't have every business in the country in our listings. We haven't done any database scrapes to pad out the site with businesses who may or may not even be in business anymore. The companies you find here have registered their interest and are waiting for your call, ready to look after you, the customer.


Any legitimate Plumbing and Gas fitting related business can register. We will carefully assess your listing and approve or decline accordingly. The basic listing is free and can be done online in an easy to use step by step process.

Overnight your listing will be cached by all popular search engines and you will be visible to hundreds of potential new costumers.  Link back to your website for free and increase the relevance of your own website, watch as your ranks go up!

We will soon introduce silver and gold listings giving you the opportunity to rank above your local competitors. If you wish to use this feature in advance please contact us.

Plumbers.co.nz have several sources that generate plumbing and gas fitting inquires, we can only forward inquiries in your area if "YOU" are registered. 

Things to look forward to if your business is registered

  • Unique trade discounts on standards
  • Unique trade discounts on plumbing and gas fitting ware
  • Free Hosting and email for your business website (coming soon)
  • UNIQUE ACCOUNT ID that will provide you access to discounts and information
  • All other trade related goodies on the site




If its Plumbing, Gas Fitting or Drainage then we sell it and install it! Compare buying with Plumbers NZ. Free quotes within 24 hours (for public and trade) and a superb service that is hard to match. Use our online chat available from 9 AM - 1 PM to ask any product related questions.

Speak to a Plumber or Gas Fitter about installation or get a free quote with every purchase.
Find out how competitive we really are.

If you have a Plumbing or Gas Fitting business and your registered with us, you will find a unique number in your account (soon to be visible) use this number when logging into the shop and  view your discounts accordingly. Forum hero members receive higher discounts then others.

The Trade section will also include Standards you will be able to download.


Knowledge, Knowledge, and more Knowledge. The forum is all about sharing and learning! Signup and talk to plumbers and gasfitters that are keen to help NZ!

As a trades person you will find it very interesting to read and discuss industry related issues.
Help young apprentices understand and appreciate the trade, help the public to understand the basic concepts of plumbing and Gas Fitting, encourage them to only use qualified trades people.

Help protect the future of Plumbers and Gas Fitters in New Zealand. 


This platform is designed for job seekers and employers within the plumbing and gas fitting industry. This tool is Free! We are continually working on the features to simplify features for our users Plumbing jobs we will be updating this section by mid 2013.


We would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the years, we strongly believe that our industry can only improve if we are united.

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