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Author Topic: Gas Water Heater: Switching Now Could Save You A Bundle in Energy Costs in the R  (Read 381 times)

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Most of us go through day after day without giving a second thought to our water heater.

Purchasing any type of water heater can be a big decision, but if you specifically know you want a gas water heater then you need to know which are the best ones out there. Whether you chose to heat your water with electric or gas, tanks come in different sizes and qualities, and you want to get one that will last you a long time.

Tanks have improved over the years, and if you purchase a new home then chances are you will get a tank that is efficient and safe. However, if your home and current tank is old, you may want to consider replacing it. If your water tank is heated with gas, the good news is that new technology has improved and these are more energy efficient and do not let heat escape through thin walls anymore. New models have also eliminated the need for the pilot light to be constantly burning to maintain water temperature. The new gas hot water heaters in Brisbane are also 5%-10% more efficient.

Using natural gas over propane is less expensive and burns cleaner. Typically track homes have natural gas and urban houses on land will have to have a propane tank on their property that is refilled every few weeks or months. The only downside to using a gas heater is that they lose some energy in exhaust gases, but they are still cheaper to use.

When looking for a heater that uses gas, you want to make sure that new safety measures have been incorporated into the unit. A new tank guard against the pilot light can possibly ignite surrounding flammable vapors, and the carbon monoxide output is low. You want the tank to serve its purpose for your home and have a high enough flow rate.

However majority of a household’s energy bill comes fro power used by gas water heaters. A significant expense like this should be well thought out. There are different types of gas water heaters available. Determining the right one for your home could save you money.

Fuel Type

Natural gas heaters are most popular in the United States because gas is cheaper for heating water than electricity, propane, and solar energy. Also, most cities and towns have the gas conveniently piped throughout. Some homes are equipped for electric or propane and do not have a natural gas outlet available. If this is the case and you have gas stove it may be a good idea to extend the gas line to your water heater.


A properly sized heater is necessary in order to meet a household's need for hot water efficiently. A heater that is too small will not provide enough hot water, and who wants to take a cold shower in the morning? If your heater is too big, then you will overpay to operate it. So, how do you determine what size gas water heater your home needs? Calculators are available online to determine your typical water-use and the water-use of your appliances and the amount of hot water the gas water heater can produce in an hour.

Energy Efficiency

This is based on the heater itself. Typically the most energy efficient models are the most expensive. Don't let the high price of the unit fool you into thinking you are wasting your money - in fact, an expensive gas water heater that is highly energy efficient will pay for itself and save you money on your monthly bills by cutting down on energy costs.


It is important to estimate a heater's annual operating costs so that you can make an informed decision about which one to purchase. Maintenance costs and installation add to the cost of purchasing a heater and should be considered as well. Taking into account the size of your home, and the energy efficiency and fuel type of the unit, should help you choose the heater that is right for you.

When selecting the best gas water heater for your home, it is important to consider these points. Overlooking any one of them could cost you money. Gas water heaters are a modern convenience, but choosing the wrong one could be a major inconvenience on your monthly energy bill.

When you need gas water installation in Australia, make Jrgasandwater company your first choice. Our experts have been trained to meet the highest standards in the industry. Our equipment and the technology behind it gives us a step up on the competition. Providing our customers with the highest level of service is what Jrgasandwater is all about. From the time we step into your home or business, our goal is to be your gas water installation company for life.


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