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« on: July 05, 2010, 08:21:59 PM »
when will there be a appreintiship where there is a 1 hour exam at the end of every year for 4 years instead of having to know everything in one 3 hour exam at the end, and im sure some parts of the county do different types of work for others, for instance - where im from roofing/guttering is bascially a seperate trade, where as when i went to tech the tutor couldnt believe that where im from we dont do it.


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Re: registration
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2010, 05:24:06 PM »
Same where I'm from (Wanaka/Queenstown). Roofing has NOTHING to do with us. A separate trade altogether! In all honesty, it should be a 3 day exam (like in Germany). Not a 3 hour exam. Reason is simple. With the 3 hour exam, you only get about 13 main questions and some of those being linked together. Problem with this being if you get 2 or 3 wrong, you've just lost a shit load of points. With a 3 day exam, you may have over 300 questions, but you've a lot more ground to make up on areas you may be unsure about. I know, I've done both.

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Re: registration
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2010, 05:39:28 PM »
Same goes for HVAC, at my block courses, the tutor would ask so who heres done any gasfitting? No hands go up, then he askes, ok, and who here has done some refridgeration or HVAC? Same again, then you study up for the big 3hour exam, even though it is a plumbing exam, you really have to be a specialist in ALL trades according to the boards exams...........couldnt be easier ???

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Re: registration
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2010, 11:04:43 AM »
one question i got in a nzqa exam was...clearley draw and label a bossed lead roll...????...of course i failed this one...i later asked my boss of over 25 years exp what exactly a bossed lead roll was...he had no idea of course...i later found it in the doyles book...what a f***in joke...they harp on about continued professional development when they cant even keep there training data up to date with revelent practices in the trade! well bossing a lead corroner and also bossing a lead pipe flashing...when all merchants sell them 4 years i never made any pipe flashing...they gotta move into the twenth centry with there training practices...i dont mind running over these old tecniques for a basic understanding but to have it as a requirment of nzqa is a complete joke.

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